Normal temperature and personalised fever threshold now visible

We have recently upgraded our QR code app to include an estimate of your normal body temperature and your personal fever threshold.

Estimated normal body temperature and personalised fever threshold

Your estimated normal body temperature is shown at the top right of the graph. This is calculated as one standard deviation from the mean of all of your temperature readings. This removes the impact of cold readings that can occur when you have been exposed to cooler air.

Your personalised fever threshold is shown on the graph with the red dotted line. This is simply 0.5 degrees above your estimated normal body temperature. This is not used by the camera at the moment,  but can be useful for people that normally operate hotter than average. They can see that they normally measure warm. 

Similarly for people whose normal temperature is lower than average. They may be able to see that they are starting a temperature, even their measured temperature is below the threshold to sound an alarm.


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