QR code scanning coming

We have developed the ability to log a temperature against a person. This software is still being developed but we expect it to be released to our beta customers shortly.

Te Kahu Ora QR Cope example

The way this works is each person is assigned a QR code in the Te Kahu Ora console. This can be on their phone, or printed out. When a person is scanned they are given the option to register a QR code. This is then logged against the temperature that is stored in the cloud. This video shows the QR code being used.

These can be viewed in in the Te Kahu Ora reporting console and downloaded to a spreadsheet.

Temperatures are logged against the person when they scan a QR code.

The reasons for doing this are twofold: 

  1. You can check that everyone is scanning in. This can help with compliance.
  2. This will allow us to calculate an average temperature for each person that is scanned regularly and potentially find another level of precision - so we can detect when an individual's temperature is higher than normal. This will be an area of research as we roll this out and collect more data.
    Average temperature is shown on the Te Kahu Ora console

We expect that this will mainly be used for employees or regular visitors. However, you could also issue QR codes to one-off visitors if you wanted to.

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