QR Scanning now available and people can see their temperature history

We have now released the functionality that allows you to scan QR codes when a person's temperature is taken. This was described in our previous blog post, annoucing that QR code scanning is coming. The main new feature since we released it to beta is that now the app allows each person to see their temperature scanning history.

Your body temperature history from Te Kahu Ora cameras

This graph shows your temperature for each day you’ve been scanned and used your QR code. If you have scanned more than once on a day it shows your lowest temperature (green) and highest (blue).  You can click on any dot and see the temperature and the date it was taken. At the top it shows when you last scanned and your average temperature.

We have also updated the instructions to include a section on how to use the QR codes with the Te Kahu Ora camera.

Showing temperature history may provide an additional incentive for individuals to scan their QR codes.

Te Kahu Ora QR code with personal temperature history

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