Software updates coming: alerts, faster for cold people, reporting improvements.

Our engineering team have been continuing to work on improvements to the Te Kahu Ora camera. These include improvements to the way temperatures are taken and to the online reporting, including email alerts.

Camera functionality

The main improvement we have made is an improved ability to give a reading when someone has cold skin. We had seen that if you had been exposed to cold air then the camera would either struggle to make a recording, or take a long time to give you a reading. Our testing on the new software has shown that this has improved significantly now.

We will update the beta version of the software with this improvement shortly. We expect to update the stable version of our software to this next week.

Reporting Improvements

We have made a number of improvements to our online reporting. We are currently testing these but these changes should be rolled out in the next few days.

Camera names

You can now give your camera friendly names that mean something to you. So rather than the camera being called TKO-1234-5467-8901-2345 you can call it Front Entrance, or whatever else you would like.

To do this click on the Device Names link on the top right and enter a name on the camera number. Click save when you are done. Now, whenever that camera is reported upon that name will be used.

Changing the name of a Tekahu Ora camera

New Te Kahu Ora reporting

Email alerts

You can now receive an email alert when someone registers a high temperature. To set this up click on the Device Alerts near the top right, check the camera(s) that you would like alerts for and press save. The email will be sent to the email address that was used to log into the reporting interface.

Configuring Te Kahu Ora email alerts of a high temperature

View results from multiple cameras

If you have access to multiple cameras then you can view the results from any combination of these cameras. To do this click on the devices drop down and select the cameras that you want to view the results from.

Selecting multiple Te Kahu Ora cameras

Export temperature readings to a spreadsheet

You can export all the temperatures for the selected cameras and time range by clicking the Export CSV link on the top right. This can be exported to a CSV file that can be opened in a spreadsheet. You can then play with the data to your heart's content.

Te Kahu Ora temperature reading SCV export


Rolled out this week

These changes and a few other bug fixes will be rolled out later this week. We'll post on the blog and in social media when these are available.

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