Thermal Camera News

  • Improvements to reliability and speed being rolled out

    Software changes have improved the reliability from 90% to 96.6% and reduced the mean time to measure a temperature from 4.7s to 2.6s.
  • Update to record videos

    We are currently testing a software update that will enable us to record videos of people having their temperature measured. The reason we are doin...
  • v1.0.3: Update to fix waiting for camera error

    We have released a software updates to all the cameras that fixed an error introduced by a Chrome update. This error resulted in the camera not bei...
  • Distribution of temperatures

    A summary of some statistics pulled from body temperatures reported across cameras, including the average temperature, a histogram, temperature by time and by camera.
  • Software updates coming: alerts, faster for cold people, reporting improvements.

    Software updates to be rolled out soon include improved temperature reading for people with cool skin and reporting improvements, including email alerts, the ability to name your cameras, view multiple cameras and export the data to a CSV file.
  • Tablet update

    An update to the operating system of the tablet on the camera makes it a little harder to find the Te Kahu Ora app. This post explains how to do that.
  • Try out our beta software

    A new version of the software allows you to test the beta version of our software. This has a new interface, with online reporting.
  • Thermal cameras vs handheld thermometers

    A comparison of the merits of handheld thermometers vs thermal cameras for measuring the temperature of staff and visitors to your premises. The conclusion: cameras are safer, easier, more accurate and give you a better record.
  • First people with fevers detected with our cameras

    The first people with high temperatures have been detected with our thermal screening system. These people have been sent home, reducing the risk of them infecting their colleagues.
  • Thermal Camera update: new brand, new form factor with thermal reference.

    The thermal camera continues to be developed with a new form factor encapsulating the thermal reference and display. There is a new brand, Te Kahu Ora, and updated software.