Try out our beta software

We are about to push out a new release of the Te Kahu Ora software that will allow you to try out upcoming releases.

How to switch to the beta software

In the next day or two you should get a notification saying that your software has been updated to version 0.6.10. They updates typically happen at 10am and the camera needs to be connected to the internet for the update to come through. You won't notice an immediate difference. Your camera should continue to operate in the same way as it has up to now. However, once the update is complete,  you will have the option of switching to the beta version of our software.

To do this you will first need to update the Android app on the tablet on the front of the camera. Click here for instructions for how to update the Android app. Summary: click on the three dots on the right hand corner and select the releases page, click on assets, then download and install the file Te_Kahu_Ora_v0.1.8.apk

Instructions on how to switch to the beta version of the software can be found here. The summary is to click on the cog on the right hand side of the app, click the change button and select beta, wait until the release channel shows beta, then click update. After a minute or two you should have the beta version of the software.

Switch to Beta version of Te Kahu Ora software

If you want to switch back to the old version of the software then you can select the stable release channel and press the update button.

If you have any problems with this, please contact us.

What's new?

New interface

We have a much simpler user interface. This detects when a person comes into frame, asks them to come closer if they are too far away and to hold still if they are moving. Once it gets a lock on their forehead it shows their estimated body temperature and logs it to the cloud.

Te Kahu Ora thermal camera fever screen output

Improved accuracy and easier calibration

This results in a more accurate single reading for each person because it is reading from the forehead, rather than just finding the hottest spot.

There is also an improved calibration process that ensures the calibration is done using a temperature taken from the forehead. The system now behaves more reliably when there are other heat sources in the background, although we still recommend having the camera point towards a thermally stable background like a wall.

Te Kahu Ora calibration screen

Online reporting

The measured temperatures are stored in the cloud and can be accessed via an online portal. This saves having to manually record temperatures. To have your camera log temperatures you need to upgrade to the beta software and follow the instructions to access the reports.

Te Kahu Ora online reporting of scanned temperatures

Note: For the beta version of the software only we are uploading thermal images to help diagnose any problems. 

Updated manual

For full instructions on how to use the beta software check out the updated manual here.

Tell us what you think

We would love you to try the new beta version of the software and let us know how it works for you. Does it read everyone accurately? Is it easy to use? Is the online reporting useful? What else would you like to see. Please let us know at

Once we are comfortable that the beta software is working reliably we will push this out to all of our cameras and start working on the next features.

Thanks to the development team at The Cacophony Project for all their efforts


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