About us Te Kahu Ora

Te Kahu Ora is on open source thermal screening system developed by The Cacophony Project and manufactured, sold and supported by 2040 limited.

Te Kahu Ora history

The Cacophony Project is a not for profit organisation that develops open source technology to help rid New Zealand of predators of native birds. The technology includes a Bird Recorder, a Thermal Camera for monitor predators and new trapping and killing techniques.

Founded in 2019, 2040 limited is a social enterprise who's mission is to use the technology developed by The Cacophony Project to eradicate all predaotrs of native birds in NZ, to make this technology available to similar projects globally and to financially support the Cacophony Project. 

Te Kahu Ora was developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, upon the realisation that the Cacophony Project thermal cameras could be used to detect people with fevers.

The initial technology was supported by the NZ government's innovation institute; Callaghan Innovation. The thermal reference technology was developed by the University of Canterbury. The development has been funded by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment through their COVID innovation fund.

The name Te Kahu Ora was suggested by friends at Ngai Tahu, with the brand being used to separate the technology from the original conservation technology developed by The Cacophony Project. Profits will go towards the mission of helping NZ birds.